The Bookseller

Slush-pile signings for PFD – 05.10.12

“PFD has signed its first deals for a slush-pile find, Bait by Canadian writer J Kent Messum, with the debut thriller now out on submission in the UK…”

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Penguin signs J Kent Messum – 15.03.13

“Penguin has signed Bait by J Kent Messum, described by the publisher as a cross between “’Lost’, Trainspotting and The Hunger Games”…”

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Warp options Messum’s ‘Husk’ For Television

“Warp executive producer Robin Gutch said: “J Kent Messums’s visceral vision and uncompromising story telling offer an exciting foundation for a provocative drama series set in a chilling yet compelling near future…”

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Crime Writers of Canada

J. Kent Messum makes ‘shortlist’ for “BAIT” – 04.24.14

Crime Writers of Canada is pleased to announce the 2014 Arthur Ellis Awards Shortlists, and the winner of the CWC Grand Master Award for Crime Writing in Canada.

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CBC Canada

Winners Announced For Arthur Ellis Awards, J.Kent Messum wins “BEST FIRST NOVEL” with “BAIT” – 06.05.14

The Crime Writers of Canada have announced the winners of the 2014 Arthur Ellis Awards. The prizes—which go to the best crime and mystery writing by Canadians in the past year—were given out on June 5 at the Arts and Letters Club in Toronto.

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